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Renaissance Farms was established in 2001 once we realized that God had more than one horse in mind for our family!  Boarding multiple horses didn't make sense, so we decided to leave Portland and find property of our own.


After searching for months, we fell in love with a 1947 "fixer upper" property in the Fern Prairie area of Camas, as well as it's close-in location to both Camas and East Vancouver.  Our girls would have plenty of room to grow and play, and so would the horses that we would be blessed with in the future.


Over seven years and 20 tons of debris later, we're still working on our "fixer upper"! We decided to name our place "Renaissance Farms" since it was going through a renaissance of it's very own.  We hope that we will continue to transform our farm into a place where family, friends, children and horses can gather and grow together for years to come.


During our time here, we've had the opportunity to own several different breeds of gaited horses, including Peruvian Paso horses, Missouri Fox Trotters, Tennessee Walkers and Paso Finos.  This process enabled us to determine which characteristics were most important to us in a horse, and it soon became very clear to us that the Paso Fino was the breed for us.  It probably goes without saying that not all Paso Finos are created equally.  Finding the bloodlines and disposition that best integrated with our family and riding objectives was the next step.


After looking off and on for a year and a half (our search included Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada & California), our search eventually led us to La Caballeriza Paso Finos in Weirsdale, FL.  It was there that we found exactly what we were looking for, and purchased two Sundancer Mako daughters - Marlena de Sundancer and Reba de Vez, and a Coral's John Henry de Vez daughter, Estrella Mia de Vez. All are the epitome of beauty, brains, temperament and gait.


The common denominator with the horses we selected from Florida?  A stallion called Coral LaCE.  Coral LaCE was not only Grand National Champion in Performance, but was a top-ten sire for years.  Coral laCE's bloodlines were prized for the disposition and gait that he passed on to his offspring. We are looking forward to seeing the individual gifts that our Coral laCE girls will be developing as they grow.